About ± 0

broke the traditional framework of home electronic products. We put each type of product as a way of life tool. For example, the toaster, cut board and bread basket can be used together when preparing the breakfast; The electric kettle, coffee cup and coffee beans will be ready when you need a cup of coffee. Household appliances and goods are not just a separate item in life – they should be the devices that exist in harmony with each other.

The design concept of ± 0 is that the product and functions should be naturally co-exist. Not only the color or shape of the product, but also the design and life can be a harmonious device.

Just Right !

The symbol of brand    represents “Simple and Just Right.”

People naturally choose from the past experience about what products are best suited to their own lives. This kind of behavior explores their preferences. The process is a bit like a gradual reduction of all options and final decision made after two-minded, hesitant and worries about the trade-off.


A shape that is “Just Right” – Appearance

We designed the long-lasting trendy shape. The uses of fashion elements are not limited to the containment of trend.


A size that is “Just Right” – Size

The size of the product is small because we want to pull the size back to the myth of the appropriate and feel at ease.


A Price that is “Just Right” – Cost vs Effective

We provide high-quality balance of cost and effective. You are able easily enjoy the high-quality performance experience in any time.

We aim to find the middle point between the consumers’ preferences and considerations.

Not only for the consumers to find the balance of desire and conflict, but also provides the starting point of a better life.