±0 Plusminuszero tableware the length, width and curvature of the curve more just right, more suitable for the Asian market (Japan) of the tableware, in the hands feel more comfortable.

±0 Plusminuszero tableware production in Japan – Niigata Prefecture Tsubame. In the early Edo period, Tsubame was the city of metal utensils, and the Tsubame industry continued the history of the filing of the rasping of the rasp, the pipe, the box, and the nail, which also indicates that the future of the city will continue as the city of metal appliances and development.

Tsubame has been able to easily transition from the production of bronzes to the production of western tableware, because the mining metallurgy technology in the Yan has been quite developed, craftsmen hammered bronze, brass technology can be applied directly to the spoon, fork production technology , and their ancestors, has been sticking to the production of metal utensils, and through diligence and wisdom to blaze new trails, change the production and give life.

Made in Tsubame – Japan