Complies with the latest Grade 1 energy label specifications for 2022
The design of environmental protection and energy saving is suitable for the Hong Kong environment with high humidity throughout the year, and it will not consume too much electricity for daily use.


Closet Dry

When using [Closet Dry], it will continuously dehumidify with strong wind, automatically shut down within 2 hours, and is equipped with a high temperature protection device.

Indoor clothes drying | Home dehumidification

When drying clothes indoors, clothes dry slowly, or even hard to dry completely. At this time, a dehumidifier can be used to remove indoor humidity and alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive humidity. Humidity in winter or during the rainy season in summer can easily cause the humidity in the space to increase, and the walls and furniture are prone to mold. The energy-saving design of the dehumidifier consumes low power, achieving the dual functions of energy-saving, power-saving and effective dehumidification.

5 Operation modes | Meet daily needs

5 operation modes are set to meet the needs of different environments: energy-saving dehumidification, humidity control, strong dehumidification, wardrobe drying, energy-saving air supply, and more considerate to personal usage habits.

Hidden handle | Simple and beautiful

When the handle is not in use, it can be completely hidden, making the whole more concise and beautiful.

Timing function | Safe and secure

The dehumidifier has built-in timing settings for 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours. If you need to turn on the dehumidifier at night or when you go out, you can use the timing function with confidence.

4L* Water storage tank | Continuous drainage

4 L* water tank capacity keeps simple beauty. Set continuous drainage holes to increase the use time.

*Automatically shut down when full 3.1L


Product Name Dehumidifier
Model XQJ-C010(II)
Size about H506 × W171 × D333 (mm)
Net Weight​ about 10.2kg
Rated Voltage 220V-240V
Rated Frequency​ 50Hz
Rated Dehumidification Capacity about 8.5L/D (26.7˚C、RH60%)
about 14L/D (30˚C、RH80%)
Total rated power consumption 163W
Rated Operating Current​


Type Of Refrigerant


Refrigerant Quantity 155g
Water Tank Capacity​ 4L (3.1L automatic shutdown)
Manufacturing Place TAIWAN

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