Wall Clock

The simplest beauty is Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow – the important elements of life, cannot be subtracted

X020 wall clock clever use of light and shadow features, in the simple design adds a strong sense of three-dimensional.



Product Number 456151 (White) / 456168 (Orange) / 456175 (Brown)​
Model ZZC-X020(W/D/T)
Max Size about H250.0×W250.0×D33.4mm
Weight about 320g (with battery)
Deviation An average of ± 20 seconds per month (temperature 5°C to 35°C occasions)
Operating Temperature -10℃〜50℃
Power Supply AA battery x 1
Battery Life about 1 year (when using Manganese dry batteries) about 1.5 years (when using Alkaline batteries)​
Main body​•Attachments​ Main Body x 1 / AA Battery (for testing) x 1 / Instruction Manual x 1 / Screw (for wood) x 1 / Metal Bracket x 1
Material​ ABS Resin glue​​